"Simple Tasks" started with the idea of a task list editable in a textfile.

* It shall contain priorities.

* A priority is defined by a sign a name and a value

* The priorities shall be addressed by a character which indicates the type and the heigjht of the priority

* The priority may contain a mixture of the symbols which will be added. Just add an Symbol and the priority is higher

* The priority assignment higth, sign, type meaning shall be editable for the user to define his own priority characteristic

* A list of tasks shall be kept in a file

* A set of files will be a project





In the header the type of prio may be kept 


// SimpleTaskFile: FithAtWt, FileId: Base@20131201_110656.31, Version: 0.1::
// [-.%*+!] {Prio Base}  '-': Afterthought, '.': Just an idea, '%': In the future, '*': Standard, '+': Nice to have, '!': Error
//   '-':Afterthought (1)
//   '.':Just an idea (2)
//   '%':In the future (4)
//   '*':Standard (8)
//   '+':Nice to have (16)
//   '!':Error (32)
- ToDo:+::Bully VW car

- Rejected:*:: Buy Eggs for Weekend

- Done: %:: Book flight to Amsterdam
- ToDo: .:: Check Rsgalleryfor Joomla
- ToDo: .:: Activate WebPage
- ToDo: -:: Task may be done later


Leads to a view like




What is missing:


* View of days where the user may drag and drop

* View of Priority Matrix (quadrants  urgent / iportant)


What is not intended:

* Planning projects with time reservation